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The Magic of Bernina Sewing Machines and the Unbeatable Deals at SAVE Stores


Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Portland, Oregon, existed a haven for sewing enthusiasts, known far and wide as SAVE Stores. Nestled at 6701 SE Foster Rd, this wasn't your average shop selling sewing machines. Oh no, this was a treasure trove where quality met unparalleled customer service, and one brand that stood out among the many was Bernina.


The Bernina Experience


Bernina is more than just a sewing machine; it's an experience. Known for its Swiss engineering and attention to detail, each Bernina machine is a masterpiece in itself. From intricate embroidery to robust quilting capabilities, these machines can make any sewing dream come true. They come loaded with a multitude of stitches, numerous embroidery designs, and all the features that transform a piece of cloth into a work of art.


Why Choose SAVE Stores?


While the quality of Bernina speaks for itself, the place you purchase it from can make a world of difference. That's where SAVE Stores comes into play. With a business model built around the customer, they provide not just a product but a complete package. When you invest in a Bernina machine from SAVE Stores, you're also getting:


  1. Free Extended Warranty covering labor on all parts!
  2. Free Lessons by trained professionals so you can master your new machine.
  3. VIP Discounts for life—15% off on all parts, notions, and accessories.
  4. A Communication Package that includes FaceTime, Skype, and in-store support for as long as you own your machine!


More than Just a Transaction


SAVE Stores offers an experience that goes beyond a mere transaction. With their 60-day full exchange and one-year trade-up program, they ensure that you always have the machine that fits your needs. If your needs change, they're there to help you adapt without breaking the bank.


The SAVE Stores Promise


Moreover, SAVE Stores is so confident about their pricing that they will beat all competitors' advertised prices, guaranteeing you will never pay too much for your machine. And hey, if you're from Beaverton, SAVE Stores has got special offers that you won't find anywhere else.


The Conclusion


So, if you're considering buying a Bernina sewing machine, there's no better place than SAVE Stores in Portland, Oregon. Not only do they offer the best deals, but they also offer a level of service that turns customers into lifelong members of the SAVE Stores family. Come experience the best of Bernina and discover how SAVE Stores is rewriting the rules of customer service one happy customer at a time.


Come visit us or check out our website at https://savestores.com for the latest deals on Bernina and other top-of-the-line sewing machine brands. Your perfect Bernina sewing machine awaits!

BERNINA Mission Statement

We're always at the beginning, never at the end.

Purpose of BERNINA's Mission Statement

BERNINA's mission is never-ending growth and continuous learning. This mission guides all BERNINA Textile Group activities, enabling every employee to see their role as part of a bigger picture. The goal? To manifest these values in daily operations.

The Essence of BERNINA

Located in Steckborn, Switzerland, BERNINA is a family-owned business specializing in top-tier sewing machines. The company owns manufacturing facilities in Switzerland and Thailand, ensuring quality at every step.

Reliability Meets Excellence

BERNINA stands at the pinnacle of the sewing machine market, with Swiss precision forming the cornerstone of its reputation. This top-notch quality makes BERNINA machines highly reliable and user-friendly.

Pioneering Innovations

BERNINA has a history of being the first in the industry to bring new features to its machines. For instance, the artista 200E was the first sewing and embroidery system in the world powered by Microsoft® Windows®.

Inspiring Your Creative Journey

BERNINA designs machines for the true sewing artist and aims to inspire creativity in every user. From their advertising to their Creativity Retreats, they always emphasize that "you, too, can create beautiful things."

The SAVE Stores Educational Edge

At SAVE Stores, we share BERNINA's commitment to education. We believe in empowering our customers, which is why we offer free, lifetime classes for anyone who buys a BERNINA from us, not just for a limited period. With us, you get more than just a machine—you gain confidence and a lifetime of learning.


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